ARMY of MOTHS began in 2018.

Mainly due to a bout of insomnia and there was no one else in the house to tell them what a bad idea it might be.

An idiot with a 12 track and no real idea how to use it.

A dubious seed was somehow sown, to compile some sort of musical compendium of the shifty noises that had the audacity to show up.

On October 1st 2018 and having multiplied a little, they released a 'thing' which they called Sorry To Disturb You. A barrage of noises, all bundled together like a black plastic bag full of broken pop music, thrown in the boot of a Ford Cortina and driven into a river of psychedelia, only to resurface with a head full of punk angst.

In April 2020, they self released their EP, My Kingdom For A Horse, in advance of the 2nd album that no one has asked for either, A Pleasant Nervousness, to be released in Summer 2020.

Disclaimer - Any of this or none of this may be true.

No one usually pays much attention to this bit.


Some very kind words about things...

Dangerous Minds -

 While the music industry pumps out the same dull crap week in, week out, Army of Moths have stolen their jewels, taken top prize, dropped an A-bomb of brilliance on their own merits, on their own terms, with very little publicity, hardly any promotion, just their talents as collateral. 

Louder Than War -

 Overall, this body of work provides a plethora of exuberant rock diversity alongside irresistible pop sensibility, as well as providing an exceptionally wonderful theatrical flamboyancy which brings forth an impressive array of sonic appreciations from the musical genres of Britpop to classic rock and experimental art rock   

Indie For Bunnies -

 There is so much stuff inside the pot, with flavours so different but clearly distinguishable, that we do not know if we are faced with the masters of eclecticism or a meltin' pot of  madness.

The Progressive Aspect -

 So Long is something of a modern psychedelic pop epic, and it chugs along in a determinedly deranged fashion, with a “hidden” reprise recorded at sunset in the madhouse. 

They make a fine psychedelic-pop-punk racket.


A ridiculously, homemade...EUPHORIA GLORIA - From the debut album, Sorry To Disturb You.

Fluttering about

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