Who are ARMY of MOTHS?

ARMY of MOTHS probably are David Sheridon, Debz Joy and JP Coyle.

Brought together in 2018, to complicate further, their already complicated lives.

A dubious seed was somehow compile some sort of musical compendium of their shifty noises.

On October 1st 2018, they released a 'thing' which they called Sorry To Disturb You. A barrage of noises, all bundled together like a black plastic bag full of broken pop music, thrown in the boot of a Ford Cortina and driven into a river of psychedelia, only to resurface with a head full of punk angst.

Disclaimer - Any of this or none of this may be true.

No one usually pays much attention to this bit.


Words what people said about our thing

Dangerous Minds -

 While the music industry pumps out the same dull crap week in, week out, Army of Moths have stolen their jewels, taken top prize, dropped an A-bomb of brilliance on their own merits, on their own terms, with very little publicity, hardly any promotion, just their talents as collateral. 

Indie For Bunnies -

 There is so much stuff inside the pot, with flavours so different but clearly distinguishable, that we do not know if we are faced with the masters of eclecticism or a meltin' pot of  madness.

The Progressive Aspect -

 So Long is something of a modern psychedelic pop epic, and it chugs along in a determinedly deranged fashion, with a “hidden” reprise recorded at sunset in the madhouse. They make a fine psychedelic-pop-punk racket.


EUPHORIA GLORIA - From the debut album, Sorry To Disturb You.

Fluttering about

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